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Property Management

Mercy Housing created Mercy Housing Management Group (MHMG) in 1983 to provide property management services for our affordable housing communities. Today, MHMG manages hundreds of properties for Mercy Housing and other companies with a wide variety of product, regulatory, and population types across the United States.


Teaming up for veterans

From juggling myriad responsibilities to providing top-notch customer service, a great property management team can be the difference between an apartment complex and a community. 

Maintenance Manager Matt Duke knows what the secret is at Cannon Place in Danville, Illinois. “We are a team, and we work well together to try and meet the needs of our community.” 

The onsite property management team at Cannon Place also includes Property Manager Terry Labounty and Assistant Property Manager Melissa Taylor who also handles outreach services. The area director of operations is Emily Powell. 

“They’re team players. Their support and calming energy is perfect for Cannon Place, a community that serves formerly homeless veterans and their families,” raves Jeffrey Kohler, president of Mercy Housing Management group.  

Terry and Melissa worked together before joining Mercy Housing, and credit teamwork as the key to their success. Their approach is to always help one another adapt and cater to the ever-changing needs of the veterans. 

Whether they are helping a family settle into their new apartment or stopping for a chat at the coffee bar in the community room, this crew is proud to work closely with residents who have, in turn, made an impact on each of them. 

“It makes me proud to see them start to build their lives back up,” Melissa shares. “What we provide here at Cannon Place is a big piece of the success puzzle residents are putting together.”

Teamwork pays off for Matt Duke, Melissa Taylor, and Terry Labounty at the Cannon Place chili cookoff. 


$1 M

Staff helped residents access over $1 Million in state and local emergency rental assistance funds.


Raised the minimum wage for 
all staff to $20 per hour.


On average, people live in a Mercy Housing home for more than six years which is three times the national average, providing the stability people need for success.

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