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Opened a brand-new activity center at the Lofts on Arthington where families can enjoy programming such as summer Camp Adventure, wellness groups, and community-building events.


Celebrated the recently rehabbed Carlton Apartments, a 68-apartment permanent supportive housing community in Chicago.


U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm toured Englewood Apartments, learning about the impact of our long-term commitment to environmental sustainability.


Saw impressive results in the first year of the Mental Health Services for DuPage County Affordable Housing Residents program. Of the 111 surveyed participants, 100% had improved interactions with others and 81% improved their mental health symptoms.

Mercy Housing Lakefront

When Mercy Housing Lakefront (MHL) residents open the doors to their homes, they are also opening doors to a realm of possibilities and opportunities. MHL is the largest affordable housing nonprofit in the Great Lakes region. Home to veterans, seniors, and families, every person brings their unique narrative to the vibrant fabric of their communities. With onsite, service-enriched programming available, we aren’t only building apartment homes, we are providing residents with a foundation from which they can thrive.

Marian Park residents participate in Wellbeing Wins, a group meeting that supports their mental health.


By the Numbers

37% Families

35% Seniors

28% People with special needs







Meet Heather

Heather grew up in Milwaukee in a loving home. Tragically, she experienced a traumatic event as a teen. “That’s basically where my alcohol and drug abuse started from. I was so anxious. I didn’t know how to deal with it.” 

At 19, Heather got pregnant with her first daughter, then shortly after with her second. The stress of being a young single mom and working 70 hours a week accelerated her substance use disorder. 

For years, Heather was in and out of shelters. Reflecting on when she moved into her new home at Greenwich Park Apartments, Heather said, “I was the happiest person I ever could be. I felt like a person again, like 'Oh my God, I finally did it!'” 

Today, Heather is thriving. She works out regularly in the onsite exercise room, and Whole Foods, where she works full time is just across the street.

“I’m secure and I’m happy and I have a place to come home to every day, and I have good people in my life, and I could not ask for anything else.”  


MHL Board of Directors

George Adams

Lindsey Artola

Phil Ashton

Chester Bell

Henry Crumpton

Phillip W. DeSalvo

Mary Fishman

Tifair Hamed

Desiré Hunter

Esther Macchione

Teresa Maltby, RSM, D.MN

Monica E. Marton

Krishna Ramachandran

Pamela A. Sharar-Stoppel

Jon D. Stolz

Steve Thomas

Ritu Vig

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