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Donor Impact

On behalf of our Founding Communities, Board of Trustees, and everyone who works at Mercy Housing, we thank you. Thank you to our donors, financial partners, investors, and supporters who have joined us in our efforts to create more equitable access to affordable housing.

Thanks to the generosity of donors, these kids got to enjoy the great outdoors during a four-day spring break mini-camp at Savannah Gardens

Trust-Based Philanthropy

The Generosity of MacKenzie Scott

Philanthropy transcends mere financial support – it embodies a profound connection to causes that resonate deeply with one’s values and aspirations. Donors often immerse themselves in the fabric of an organization: attending events, exploring programs, and examining every facet from leadership to financial transparency. Typically initiated with a modest contribution, the relationship often evolves into a more substantial commitment over time, directed toward specific initiatives. Enter MacKenzie Scott, whose approach to giving goes beyond conventional boundaries by generously supporting operational sustainability.  In 2023, her research team delved into understanding Mercy Housing’s approach to addressing housing stability and enhancing the well-being of residents. Impressed with our leadership, the Yield Giving Foundation awarded us $25 million — a transformative investment in our mission. This monumental donation serves as a catalyst for bold, innovative thinking and encourages us to think creatively as we continue to respond to the challenges facing the affordable housing industry. Aligned with the launch of our 2024 — 2026 strategic business plan, this gift will be used to ensure organizational resilience by building for the future and maximize our impact. Through investments in growth opportunities, bolstering an emerging endowment, and supporting our workforce, Mercy Housing is poised to realize our vision of creating affordable homes and inspiring dreams to establish engaged, strong and inclusive communities.  This major gift was in recognition of our successful 40-plus year track record of developing affordable housing and advancing opportunities for people in underserved communities. As stewards of compassion and advocates for transformative change, your individual contributions, regardless of size, are invaluable in advancing our shared vision of creating stable, vibrant communities where every person has a place to call home. Join us in this journey of empowerment and hope, knowing that together, our collective impact knows no bounds.

Build a Lasting Legacy

As Suzanne and Brian Swift exemplify, estate gifts enable us to continue our vital work, empowering individuals and families to thrive. Along with serving on our national board of trustees and the Mercy Housing California board of directors, leading annual and capital fundraising campaigns, Brian and Suzanne have also committed to support Mercy Housing in their estate plans. 
You can become part of a community of visionaries shaping a brighter future for those in need. Join the Mercy Housing Legacy Circle today and leave a legacy that truly matters through a bequest or a simple change of beneficiary to “Mercy Housing” on an insurance policy or retirement account. 

Joining the Legacy Circle ensures that your values and philanthropic impact endure beyond your lifetime, leaving a meaningful legacy of hope and opportunity for generations to come.

Donor Impact

Mercy Housing is intensifying our commitment to enhancing resident services. We recognize donors as pivotal partners in this endeavor. In 2023, our efforts reached a significant milestone, as we provided services to 29,958 individuals—an impressive 11.9% increase from the previous year, marking our highest number of residents served to date.

Central to our service priorities is the delivery of comprehensive health and wellness programs. We understand that intertwining stable housing with health initiatives is fundamental for families and individuals to thrive. At Mercy Housing, our dedicated staff coordinate an array of no-cost, onsite programs for residents. These encompass a diverse range of offerings, from health education workshops and preventative screenings to facilitating connections with primary care providers and ensuring access to nutritious food. Additionally, we organize physical activities such as fishing and biking for youth, walking groups, as well as yoga and balance programs tailored for seniors and families.

Without the generous support of donors like you, these vital services would not be possible. As a supporter, you know that people who call Mercy Housing home thrive not just because they have a home, but because they join supportive communities. Mercy Housing staff are on site creating relationships with residents and connecting them with childcare, healthcare, educational support, and financial education.

Even with the robust community partnerships Mercy Housing is known for creating, your donations are critical to providing the staff to directly connect with residents. 
Residents depend on the generosity of donors so they can continue to work toward their goals and dreams. We know that the need for these programs, and the cost to run them continues to grow, which is why donor support is increasingly crucial to residents’ success.

Together with you, our donors — who share our commitment to respect, justice, and mercy for all — we will continue to fulfill our commitment to provide homes and communities to the most vulnerable in our society.

Growing Investment in Resident Services

Donor support is increasingly critical to resident success

Revenue from properties

Funding from donors and subsidiaries

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